Smart, customizable, ahead of the industry, user-friendly and real-time visibility are all attributes of our Warehouse Management System (WMS).

By accessing information via the internet, Source Logistics’ fully integrated system gives you the tools to control all of your operations in real-time. Regardless of which Source distribution center your product is located, and regardless of your location in the world, you always have complete control.

With simple inventory and shipping controls, we integrate your merchandisers or broker’s handheld devices to receive orders directly from the stores they are visiting. They can input the order, transfer it electronically to your accounting area for approval, then transfer it forward to our WMS (Warehouse Management System) for processing and shipping.

Some of the advantages of Source Logistics’ Warehousing cutting edge technology are:


Real Time Visibility

There is nothing more important than being informed, which is why Source Logistics WMS gives you real-time visibility 24/7 via the Internet, giving you peace of mind by knowing what is happening at all times.

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Know where your products are at all times! We give you the tools you need to track your products. If you are ever in need of a recall, you can place a search directly in our system to find out which customer took those products and when.

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Automatic Reports

If you would like a specific report or notification to be received on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, we can have our system send it to you automatically. Some of the reports we can create for you include: multi-warehouse inventory reports, daily shipping reports, minimum or reorder notifications, daily receiving reports and more.


Freshness Guarantee Shipping

Our system monitors the shelf life of your products, so you are always in control of setting the minimum number of days your product is guaranteed its freshness. This will prevent any returns and will give you the opportunity to make sure you are choosing items that are nearing their expiration dates.

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Controls & Product Rotation

It is up to you to decide your requirements for the order in which we rotate your products: First In First Out, First Expire First Out or by product selection via ID.

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We will provide you with an updated status of your order that includes the updated information of your location, transit time, appointment and POD confirmation via web.

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Source Logistics counts with its customizable proprietary software technology 3E-Fulfillment®, which offers our customers the complete technology platform to perform any fulfillment task.