Value Added Services

Value Added Services are those extra activities that will give you the flexibility to target a broader spectrum of customer needs. These services allow companies to lower inventory of finished goods by delaying assembly, labeling or kitting processes until orders are confirmed by the customers.

Our Value Added Services that go beyond the basic warehousing and transportation services include:

  1. Case Pick: The action of breaking the pallet apart and selecting individual cases or inner packs to prepare specific orders for your customers.
  2. Individual Packaging/Club Store Packaging: This process also known as co-packing or bundle packing consists of wrapping two or more products together to create another product of better value, or for the times when you are running a promotion of selling an extra piece for the price of one.
  3. Display Assembly: When you are running a promotion or simply want to assemble your POS displays, shipping costs from factory or overseas can be a major factor. Often, cardboard display racks need to be assembled at a different place than the consumer product; you can have all your materials sent to Source Logistics for assembly into a retail presentation ready for display at the store.
  4. Labeling: Do you need a correction on your packaging? Do you need to re-label product specifications, nutrition facts or instructions on your product? Do you need UCC 128 label compliant labels printed? Source Logistics can take care of all of your labeling needs and requirements for you.
  5. E-Commerce Picking: Is the electronic transfer of information directly from your Web page E-commerce order processing system to Source Logistics. Once this information is received we will use it to pick your product, prepare it for shipping and then invoicing. We will also add a greeting card or whatever else is needed before shipping to your customer. Once shipped, the system will notify you for tracking purposes.
  6. Kitting & Final Assembly: We offer a variety of assembling services to get your product kits ready for the retail market.
  7. Postpone Logistics: In order to save money on inventory overhead for a variety of finished good items, Source Logistics can receive minimum inventories of different parts. Then, as orders arrive, Source will put the pieces together to assemble the solicited item. Postponement applications can be defined as (a) modular products that can be customized for local markets; (b) products that gain volume, weight or value from packing; (c) unpredictable demand; (d) a large number of market-based variations for a single formulation; and (e) situations where economies of scale in packaging and logistics can be optimized.
  8. Quality Inspection: Whenever you need it, even on a case by case basis or when you’re expecting a product to arrive at our facilities, Source Logistics can conduct inspections according to your specific controls and requirements.
  9. Price or Product Tagging: Source Logistics can get your product ready for the store by adding tags for promotions, for sales in specific stores or simply for adding instructions to your product.