Source Logistics has warehouse locations in Los Angeles and Brea, CA, Houston and Laredo, TX, Monroe, NJ, Portland, OR and Chicago, IL. Our multiple locations give you the flexibility to grow depending on you and your customers’ geographical location. Source Logistics experts will work with you through the process of a logistics analysis to determine which location(s) and service(s) will make your distribution faster, more efficient and cost effective.

Source Logistics has full service warehouses and provides you with everything you need to control your inventory, prepare and ship your orders to exceed all your customers’ requirements.

  1. Warehousing
  2. Web-Based Real-Time Inventory Control
  3. Labeling, Product Retail and UCC 128
  4. Order Fulfillment
  5. Multi-Vendor Management
  6. Value-added Services that go beyond the basic Warehousing and Transportation Services
    • a) Case Picking
    • b) Individual Packaging
    • c) Display Assembly
    • d) Labeling
    • e) E-Commerce Picking
    • f) Kitting & Final Assembly
    • g) Postpone Logistics
    • h) Quality Inspection
    • i) Price or Product Tagging
    • j) Club Stores Packaging
  7. Cross-docking
  8. Reverse Logistics
  9. Floor Unloading
  10. Retail and Consumer EDI
  11. E-Commerce EDI Transfer, Fulfillment and Shipping