Our main focus is to provide fast, accurate and reliable processing of your orders as they are received. Orders are received and processed in real-time. We offer same day delivery, next day delivery, or schedule delivery options that best suit your time-to-market needs.

We will work with you to define your fulfillment needs and structure the level of services to meet those needs.
Once defined, we will design procedures and processes to successfully execute your fulfillment program. Through the use of our 3E-Fulfillment® software, we can determine the most efficient method to fulfill (pick, pack and deliver) any order by cost, production capabilities or best ship method available.

Our Fulfillment services include:
1. Web Portal
a) E- Store technology platform
b) Interact with any web E-store
2. Manage Transactions
3. Online Inventory Control
4. Order Fulfillment
5. Shipping
6. Order Tracking
7. Call Center
8. Order Follow Up
9. Taking Phone Orders
10. Taking Web Orders

1. Print to Shelf
2. Literature Inventory Management
3. Order Fulfillment
4. Shipping
5. Order Tracking

1. Receiving of Product
2. Product Inventory Management
3. Web Portal Order Processing
4. Order Preparation
5. Shipping

1. System Integration
2. File Import/Export
3. Custom Programming
4. Data Entry
5. Order Reporting
6. Asset-Returns Tracking Reporting
7. Shipping Confirmation
8. Inventory Statistics

1. Digital and Offset
2. Imprinting
3. Large Format
4. CD/DVD Media Duplications
5. Mylar & Tap Cutter
6. Booklet Maker, Coil & Wire-O
7. Folder Inline Stitching
8. Score Perf & Drill